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The portal is owned by Association of Tourist Facilities Providers on Jahorina, Magistralni put b.b., 71420 Pale, Republika Srpska and is exclusively managed by Slovenian agency POT located in Nova Gorica. The portal is active since 2001 and accounts for 5000 to 6000 bookings of overnight stays every year. In 2002, a webcam was installed to guarantee updated information on weather and snow conditions on the grounds to all skiers. The webcam sponsor is Branislav Lopatić, owner of the SAN Hotel on Jahorina. The portal administrators are Matic and Sašo while all your enquiries will be answered by Matjaž who boasts many years of experience with this beautiful Olympic games site, the facilities available on the mountain and the overall tourist possibilities on Jahorina. The portal offers an online reservation system of the Otus d.o.o. company from Pale. You might even take a virtual tour inside the lodgings before making your reservation. Go2Jahorina only provides accommodation renting via Internet, all communication is therefore taking place through This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

All accommodations offered on this portal are carefully selected. For the first time visitors to Jahorina, we wish to point out that the most prestigious location is the Rajska dolina (literal translation: Paradise Valley). That is the valley the webcam is showing. Since the natural environment here stands under strict protection rules and no new constructions are permitted, you will only find few villas and cottages available for renting. Go2Jahorina is the sole provider of these facilities which means that no other tourist agency lists these premises in their offer.


What is the added value of these tourist facilities on the outskirts of the Rajska dolina? All of these accommodations have a parking lot guaranteed and the access road is cleared and made viable in all weather conditions.


As mentioned above, the accommodation booking may be made through an automatic booking system. If you choose the option of immediate payment through PayPal using either PayPal or credit card, the booking procedure is instantly effective. RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT PAYMENT is delivered to your electronic mailbox within seconds. If you opt for payment through a bank account, you must follow a two-stage procedure: as soon as you confirm your reservation, you receive a PRO FORMA INVOICE to your electronic mailbox. In order to make your reservation valid, you must send us a confirmation message within 3 days that the PRO FORMA INVOICE has been paid. During these 3 days your reservation is marked on the calendar as reservation on hold. As soon as the part payment is effected, you will receive a RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT PAYMENT to your electronic mailbox. The RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT PAYMENT contains all information and contact data necessary at your arrival. You will get VOUCHER two weeks before arrival. During your stay on Jahorina you can always contact the courteous property owners for advice or assistance and your requests will be met if that is only possible. Let us remind you that only  weekly reservations are accepted. Guests arrivals and departures are every Saturday.

You are very welcome to call us on following numbers:

go2jahorina / POT, Kromberška 32, Nova Gorica
Mobile: +386 41 645 119
OTUSSPORT, J.Cvijića1, Pale
Mobile: +387 66 222 352

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